Hello there! Again, welcome to my page!

Around my website, you’ll see both my portfolio and travel stories. For you not to get lost, you can find my travel experiences on the Blog Section HERE, while my portfolio is found at the home page, just scroll down a little bit, you’ll find it along with the Services Section.

But this particular section talks about what I can offer and what’s it all about. Below are the services that I have and a little snippet about it. By clicking each services, it’ll lead you to a better explanation of everything.

Web Development

A screen with coding that indicates a website is being made.

Creating websites is one that I know of. From simple portfolio websites to brochure sites, I can make it for you! Whatever reason on wanting to have a website, it would be greatly advantageous for you to have one to show. Whether it be for  business, organization or career portfolio, this will help you grow and be known to others in the  industry that you’re in. Plus, it adds trust and credibility on your business or career. It’ll also build identity on who you are and what you do and connect with clients or network.

Content Copywriting/ E-mail Marketing

A typewriter which means this work is meant for typing words.

Copywriting is simply using texts to persuade a reader to make an action out of what he/she have read. The goal of  copywrite is to make your readers do something about what they have read- either buy your product, subscribe to your website, opt-in to your e-mail list and many more. Copywriting has many forms and two of them are content copywriting and e-mail marketing- both of which I know how to craft. With my skills and knowledge, I can deliver a persuasive copy that’ll definitely help you win readers.

Facebook Advertising

scrabble pieces that formed a word social media with a phone beside with facebook login.

The most effective way to promote your brand is on Facebook. Some have claimed that it is better than Google Ads even though, honestly, I haven’t experience using Google Ads. But a lot of marketers have been there to tell this, Facebook Ads is a far better platform to advertise your business. With approximately 2 billion users, detailed targeting of people, conversion metrics and optimum budget spending, Facebook Ads is the way to go. However, it takes time and experience to get grip on the whole advertising platform. But, I’m here to help your business grow with Facebook Ads. Armed with analytics skills, I see to it that your Ads are making money for you.