Izakaya Kikufuji Experience!

Contrite: This is a sample blog only. Although the experience I wrote was true, you might find the photos on this post bad or out of proportion-even blurry. I hereby apologize if the photos where bad in quality. As for the writing, I only limit my number of words to approximately 600 just to show to you a quick demo (and a quick read) of my writing skills.

That one Japanese restaurant in Makati, Manila made it on my list!

When you have the chance to walk-around Makati, you might happen to pass by this Japanese restaurant.

Located along Chino Roces Avenue (see map here), this restaurant has a true authentic Japanese feel with menu that will excite and curious you. Read on to see what I had experienced.


The setting inside the restaurant. You can try on the “kotatsu”- a low wooden table.

Upon entering, you’ll transport to Japan as there design and ornaments are well detailed to make you feel that you’re in it- waitress wearing kimonos, banners with Japanese signs all over, small, cute seats and tables that resembles Japanese furniture.

Waitresses will immediately greet you and walk you to a seat of your choice.  


With the look-and-feel, your first impression is that they have costly food choices, but they don’t. With more or less than $10, you can enjoy a meal that makes your tummy happy!

They have  a wide range of menu. What amaze me is that their drinks took up 7 pages of local and Japanese brand available. They have wine, beer, reishu, mugi sho-chu, imo scho-chu, Japanese sake.

For the food, this resto have wide Japanese food selections. From seafoods to noodles, I can pretty say that they have it all there. 

Think of a Japanese food that you want and they have it for you!


I ordered Yaki Udon- consists of thick Japanese noodles with stir-fried pork and veggies. While my partner ordered the Niku Soba.

When the food arrived, I was happy and surprised to see that they have large servings, so, prepare your tummy and it’s best to go in that resto hungry. The Niku Soba’s soup is thick and rich in taste, you would sip another spoonful of soup right after you had one.

We ordered another dish, the Geso Kara-age, a deep-fried squid tentacles- it’s flour coating is thin, the tentacles are chewy and serving is plenty.

Given by it’s taste and serving, you can say that this resto had put effort to deliver to you a good Japanese dining experience and create delicious foods! It’s tasty and we enjoyed our dinner and stay!

Service Experience

Overall, the service was good! The food took some time to get served but it’s worth it when you have it. 

Waitresses took a while before they had able to hand the bill and you get pass on from one waitress to the other. 

Maybe it’s something to do on whose assigned to which area as the resto is somehow large with many tables. 

Although I have these observations, it was nothing serious to make it to the bad light. With that said, this resto can accommodate a lot of diners. You have to have patience and a lot of time to be able to cope up with their service. After all, you’re there to enjoy the ambiance and food.

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