Why G-Shock GD100-1A Is the Ultimate Watch for You

Conquer the Limits of Nature!

You’ll have a watch, toughen to defy harsh environment. This watch exceeds other sports watches known and unknown.

The G-shock GD-100-1A is design to resists shocks and water. Built from a vision to have an “unbreakable” watch.

From diving the skies to conquering the seas, this watch can keep up with extreme outdoor weather. No matter where your heart takes you, this watch can keep up!

Shock-proof and Water Resistant

You can keep wearing your watch while you go surfing or skateboarding. Falls and knocks are the very reason why your G-shock is made to tough.

It’s parts we’re cushioned to protect anything that hits it all-around.

Mineral glass is attach on the display- with resin material around to protect it from hitting walls and pavements.

It’s bezel and strap are made from resin. Resin is from synthetic or natural made, designed to withstand tremendous heat and pressure. So, your module and display is well protected all-around. This material, after hardening, can’t be melt or re-used.

The next time you go skateboarding or biking, you’d worry more on your legs to break than knocking this watch.

And on the deepest dive humans can go, this watch can hold up significant pressure. With a rate of 200 meters, you’ll dive with a watch that can track your diving time that definitely don’t break.

With measuring modes such as elapsed time, split time, and countdown, you can watch time in any manner. Also, it has flash with buzzer to notify you on the alarms you’d set.

It also includes 5 alarms, hourly time signal and full auto-calendar so you can check what date is it. You can also change from 12/24- hour format, perfect for military and seafarers.

Look and Feel

With its tactical and outdoor look, this watch looks perfect for outdoor enthusiasts.

For military, law enforcers and extreme sports athletes, it adds strength and aura to show off.

Operate your watch with ease with over-sized buttons that adds reliability to it. It also comes with checkered and anti-slip surface. If circumstances don’t allow you to look on your watch, these will help you through- like on dark environment or tight areas.

Also, it’s LED s (light-emitting diodes) super-illuminates the display which helps you see time clearly on dark conditions. It doesn’t consume too much power on battery, thus, saving power which makes your battery lasts.

Plus, LEDs change the landscape of watches’ lights. They got the best of both worlds, a high light with less battery consumption. Moreover, these lights don’t take much space on your module, making them space-saver.

Electroluminescent (ELs), LEDs predecessor, uses a step-up power converter to get higher voltage to glow. Its converter is large and takes too much power from the battery, making LED s a far better option.

Although some debates that ELs glow better than LEDs, the latter has more pros than cons. It’s power-efficient and space-saving.

What’s Inside?

The reason why G-shock GD-100-1A is so tough is what it’s made inside.

Its “hollow” design technology helps its reputation as the toughest outdoor watch. Its internal module is like floating inside to avoid bumps and knocks.

Furthermore, it’s surrounded by shock-absorbing material around its module.

G-shocks were the perfect example of how sports watches should be. They pioneered this technology that some sports watches followed suit.

Quartz Movement

Ever wonder how this watch works? G-shock’s GD-100-1A uses quartz movement.

Quartz acts as the oscillator which keeps the time ticking. For the quartz to move, it needs electric pulse from the battery.

It’s the most accurate movement in time-keeping, almost put mechanical and automatic time pieces out of the game.

The reason why mechanical and automatic movements still exist is that these movement often creates the most luxurious look from watches.

Besides, watchmakers take much time in creating time pieces with these movements. It’s built by hand and passion.

Both mechanical and automatic movements isn’t ideal for sports watches as it’s prone from damages and many mechanical parts are involved.


G-shock GD-100-1A uses a CR2025 battery. This battery’s known to lasts long up to 7 to 10 years. They offer ideal temperature resistance and good storage capacity.

It’s cheap and available anywhere, so it doesn’t break your bank when it’s needed changing. Also, you can have it change to any watch repair centers around you.

Photo grabbed from here. Credits to the owner.

Your watch comes up with a battery that keeps up with its superiority.

Size and Weight

The size of the case is about 55 x 51 x 17.4 mm with a weight of 72g. You’ll know that it has low-cost shipping fees involved (if you’re outside USA).


This watch comes with a 5-year warranty promo.

Whenever your watch needs repair or replacement, you can bring it on any G-shock centers near you.

You can have your watch back 2 weeks after sending it to us. It will get repaired or (much better) replaced.

No questions ask! All you need is to bring along the receipt.

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