Quick Tour at Intramuros

Contrite: This is a sample blog only. Although the experience I wrote was true, you might find the photos on this post bad or out of proportion-even blurry. I hereby apologize if the photos where bad in quality. As for the writing, I only limit my number of words to approximately 600 just to show to you a quick demo (and a quick read) of my writing skills.

This former Spanish fort located at the heart of Manila is one of the preserved historical sites to tour on!

Manila, Philippine’s Capital City, is gateway to country’s tourist destinations within. Millions of tourists go through the capital to go to other places in the country, but most don’t realize that there’s a colonial fortress where you can have the taste of history of the city.

At the entrance of Intramuros. A small archway with time withered walls.

Intramuros, came from a Spanish word meaning “within walls”, a fortified city found at the mouth of Pasig River. It’s total land area is 0.67 square kilometres (0.26 sq mi). Inside this fort is the famous Manila Cathedral. Also, museum and statues recalls its history.

Inside, there’s a local community and while you stroll, you can see friendly locals living their usual lives and tourist roaming the  streets.

Feast your eyes on the beautiful buildings that preserved the history of the place. With that, you’ll have your head turn around everywhere to enjoy seeing old buildings who stand the test of time.

Buildings and Structures

Although the outside looks timeworn and scenic, the buildings’ interiors have rehabilitated to make it livable to function as commercial offices.

Tartanillas (calesas)-a horse-drawn carriage, a transportation during Spanish Era, filled the streets.

Also occupying the streets were cars and bikes-which is an enjoyable way to go around the place. What interest me is that I saw an electric scooter that you can borrow from Grab for FREE (see more from GrabWheels).

What’s cooler going around Intramuros riding an electric scooter? 

Grab E-scooter

Because of its convenience and efficiency, e-scooters are becoming popular around urban Manila. Also, it’s approach to environment are significant because of zero carbon footprint.

The number of e-scooter users are growing and you’ll find them filling the streets of the metro. It helps you beat traffic and makes you look cool driving one!

This is the reason why Grab is promoting eScooters by letting you try one inside Intramuros.

At the Grab booth, you can find people on queue to borrow eScooter

Looking around, we found the Grab booth at Puerta de Santa Lucia. I’ve seen a lot of people who wants to try it. We found ourselves on queue as they don’t have enough scooters for everybody. Because of that, it took us around 40 mins. before we had our turn.


A glimpse of sunset.

You must limit yourself using the scooter as there are many tourists who are waiting to try it. It’s an exciting experience that it convinces me to buy one!

La Cathedral Café

Me writing about Intramuros.

After we return the eScooters, we headed to La Cathedral Café to cool ourselves from the afternoon heat. This café is beside Manila Cathedral, which I think, where it got its name.

We ordered Iced Coffee Latte and Iced Caramel Macchiato, both were delicious and refreshing!

This café has an instagrammable terrace looking over the Cathedral. Unfortunately, the Café staff told us that it was close for an event, and so we’re not able to take a look at it. For sure, we will get back to try our luck to experience it.

Have no plans! For me, the best way to tour Intramuros is not having itineraries. Try to go around and enjoy the picturesque view of the place!